"Biden Administration Supports Removal of Four Dams on the Snake River"

"Decommissioning the dams is the first step toward restoring salmon runs and respecting Native treaties".

"The Biden administration today announced its intention to move forward with the removal of four controversial dams on Washington’s Lower Snake River. The long-hoped-for dam removal is necessary to the survival of 13 endangered salmon and steelhead runs, multiple scientific reports and court cases have determined.

Native American nations and environmental groups that for decades have advocated for the dam removal applauded the White House move as an essential first step toward restoring salmon and steelhead populations.

“These dams impact not only our sustenance, but our health, our ability to interact with the land, in order to realize our treaty rights,” said Chairman Shannon Wheeler of the Nez Perce Tribes."

Isobel Whitcomb reports for Sierra magazine December 14, 2023.


"White House Orders Studies Of Snake River Dam Removal To Restore Salmon Populations" (The Hill)

"Conservationists, Tribes Say Deal With Biden Administration Is A Road Map To Breach Snake River Dams" (AP)

Source: Sierra, 12/15/2023