"Plastic Pollution Talks Make Modest Progress But Sidestep Production Curbs"

"OTTAWA - Negotiations on a future global treaty to tackle soaring plastic pollution ran overtime into Tuesday morning amid tense debates over whether the world should seek to limit the amount of plastic being made.

As the week-long talks in the Canadian capital of Ottawa ended before dawn, countries agreed to continue their work in ad hoc meetings before the final summit starting Nov. 25 in Busan, South Korea.

That work will include searching for forms of funding to help developing countries implement the treaty. Countries also agreed to devise a process to identify plastic chemicals that are hazardous and plastic products that are wasteful, such as single-use plastic containers.

But they failed to establish a formal process to review how much virgin plastic is produced or to determine how much might be considered unsustainable."

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters April 30, 2024.


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Source: Reuters, 05/01/2024