Climate Refugees: "The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing"

"EBEYE, Marshall Islands — Linber Anej waded out in low tide to haul concrete chunks and metal scraps to shore and rebuild the makeshift sea wall in front of his home. The temporary barrier is no match for the rising seas that regularly flood the shacks and muddy streets with saltwater and raw sewage, but every day except Sunday, Mr. Anej joins a group of men and boys to haul the flotsam back into place."

Source: NY Times, 12/02/2015

"In Paris, the USDA Puts Food and Climate Change Center Stage"

"From droughts to pests, disease, wildfire, and extreme weather, the agency spotlights food and agriculture at COP21."

"As world leaders gather in Paris this week to negotiate a new global climate agreement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is sounding the alarm about the enormous challenges ahead for the food we eat.

Source: Civil Eats, 12/02/2015


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