Climate Change

"Obama Administration Readies Big Push on Climate Change"

"The Obama administration is planning a series of actions this summer to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions from wide swaths of the economy, including trucks, airplanes and power plants, kicking into high gear an ambitious climate agenda that the president sees as key to his legacy."

Source: Wall St. Journal, 06/10/2015

"Secretive Donors Gave US Climate Denial Groups $125M Over Three Years"

""The secretive funders behind America’s conservative movement directed around $125m (£82m) over three years to groups spreading disinformation about climate science and committed to wrecking Barack Obama’s climate change plan, according to an analysis of tax records."

Source: Guardian, 06/10/2015

Cheap and Clean



"Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think About Energy in the Age of Global Warming"

By Stephen Ansolabehere and David M. Konisky
MIT Press, $27.95


How do Americans think about energy choices?

What kinds of new power plants and delivery systems are the public likely to accept, and what types and levels of risk will consumers tolerate in return for reliable energy supplies?

"Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy"



"Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy"

By Jeremy Shere
St. Martin’s Press, $25.99


Reading Jeremy Shere’s “Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy,” you can’t help but think – lament, even regret – what might have been.

If only President Lincoln had taxed kerosene as much as alcohol during the Civil War, our cars might run on biofuels today.


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