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FEMA Hides Data About Drinking Water And Electricity In Puerto Rico

"As of Wednesday, half of Puerto Ricans had access to drinking water and 5 percent of the island had electricity, according to statistics published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on its Web page documenting the federal response to Hurricane Maria. By Thursday morning, both of those key metrics were no longer on the Web page."

Source: Washington Post, 10/06/2017

"Trump Administration Swaps 'Climate Change' For 'Resilience'"

"In the Trump administration's list of dos and don'ts, 'climate change' is out and 'resilience' is in. The word choices by administration officials -- and the extent to which they're going to avoid referencing global warming altogether -- are notable in the aftermath of recent severe hurricanes and in the face of questions about what could have caused them."

Source: CNN, 10/03/2017

An Absent EPA Climate Report, And A Tale Of Two Flooded Superfund Sites

"Hurricane Harvey flooded more than a dozen Superfund toxic waste sites when it devastated the Texas coast in late August. An EPA report predicted the possibility of climate-related problems at toxic waste sites like those in Texas, but the page detailing the report on the agency's website was made inactive months before the storm."

Source: NPR, 10/03/2017

Getting Past the Press Office: A Reporters Guide

This is a list of resources mentioned in the Oct. 6, 2017, concurrent session on "Working Around PIOs Who Don’t Live Up to Their Titles" at the SEJ Annual Conference in Pittsburgh.


"Top Tips for Getting Around the Press Office" from Joe Davis, Jamie Smith Hopkins, and other panelists.

EPA Leakers' Guide (four parts), by Joe Davis.


"Is Climate-Themed Fiction All Too Real? We Asked the Experts"

"When extraordinary hurricanes and floods battered parts of the United States and Caribbean this month, Paolo Bacigalupi’s readers started sending him news clips. In 'Ship Breaker,' which was nominated for a National Book Award in 2010, Mr. Bacigalupi, a science fiction writer, had invented a monster 'Category 6' hurricane."

Source: NY Times, 09/27/2017

"EPA Removes Waste At Texas Toxic Sites, Won’t Say From Where"

"The Environmental Protection Agency says it has recovered 517 containers of 'unidentified, potentially hazardous material' from highly contaminated toxic waste sites in Texas that flooded last month during Hurricane Harvey. The agency has not provided details about which Superfund sites the material came from, why the contaminants at issue have not been identified and whether there’s a threat to human health."

Source: AP, 09/27/2017


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