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February 11, 2016

The Year Ahead in Energy and the Environment: Stories to Watch in 2016

As the Paris climate agreement rolls out and the U.S. presidential race speeds up, this will be a banner year for environment and energy news. Join the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program for the fourth annual “Year Ahead in Environment and Energy” event in Washington, DC, where leading reporters and editors will discuss the critical issues that will shape 2016.

March 1, 2016

DEADLINE: Arthur F. Burns Fellowship

Media professionals, age 40 and under, from the U.S., Canada and Germany are invited to apply for an opportunity to report from and travel in each other's countries. Share professional expertise with your colleagues across the Atlantic while working as a "foreign correspondent" for your hometown news organization. Deadlines: Feb 1, 2016 for German applicants; Mar 1, 2016 for U.S. and Cdn.

"Commentary: A Wish List for the Most Crucial Year Since 2015"

"Phew. Back in 2015, both a President and a Pope stepped up to call for action on climate change, and the world sort of responded with an agreement. For the first time, a Vulgarian-American led his party’s field in a run for the Presidency. And once again, we experienced the hottest year on record."

Source: EHN, 12/31/2015


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