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Oil Lobby Ads Target House Reps as Panel Nears Vote on Exports

"The lobbying coalition representing 16 independent oil producers campaigning to export crude around the globe is launching advertising Wednesday night targeting Houston Democratic Rep. Gene Green and three other lawmakers who could play a decisive role on the issue."

Source: FuelFix, 09/10/2015

"Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show"

"At Monsanto, sales of genetically modified seeds were steadily rising. But executives at the company’s St. Louis headquarters were privately worried about attacks on the safety of their products. So Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, and its industry partners retooled their lobbying and public relations strategy to spotlight a rarefied group of advocates: academics, brought in for the gloss of impartiality and weight of authority that come with a professor’s pedigree."

Source: NY Times, 09/07/2015

"Latvia, Greece Win Opt-Out From Monsanto GM Crop"

"Monsanto said it would abide by Latvia's and Greece's requests under a new EU opt-out law to be excluded from its application to grow a genetically modified (GM) crop across the European Union, but accused them of ignoring science."

Source: Reuters, 09/01/2015


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