Official: U.S. in Early Talks About Int'l Nuclear Leasing Arrangements

"Department of Energy officials have spent weeks trying to knock down reports that they have been interested in building a nuclear waste repository in Mongolia.

Now, the Obama administration is going a step further, disclosing that what DOE hopes to do is 'lease' uranium from other countries, then return the spent fuel to the originating country.

Source: Greenwire, 08/24/2011

"Fukushima Fallout Said 30 Times Hiroshima's"

"Video footage of Tatsuhiko Kodama's impassioned speech before a Diet committee in July went viral online recently, showing the medical expert's shocking revelation that the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant spewed some 30 times more radioactive materials than the fallout from the Hiroshima atomic bombing."

Jun Hongo reports for the Japan Times August 24, 2011.

Source: Japan Times, 08/24/2011

"One Thing the Fall of Tripoli Won’t Get Us Is Cheap Gas"

"It would be natural to imagine that the fall of Tripoli would mean a significant decrease in the cost of oil and the pain that the average consumer feels at the pump. After all, in February, when unrest in Libya commenced, oil prices hit a two-year high. Libya is only the 15th biggest oil exporter in the world, but the oil it exports is of a particularly desirable type.

Source: Grist, 08/23/2011


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