Climate Change

Senate Climate Bill Compromises Frighten, Infuriate Some Enviro Groups

"Environmentalists began 2009 optimistic about prospects for swift passage of legislation mandating U.S. reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. ... But after the House passed a sweeping climate bill last June, the effort stalled in the Senate. And now environmentalists are being asked to agree to painful compromises that senators say are needed to get something -- anything, really -- across the finish line."

Source: Greenwire, 03/23/2010

"Farmers Hurt By Collapse Of Carbon Credits Market"

"With the cap-and-trade legislation aimed at curbing global warming stalled in Congress, there's an almost-complete collapse of the market for carbon credits. That means profits are drying up for people who are paid to create those carbon credits -- like farmers who manage their land in ways that capture carbon dioxide in the soil."

Source: NPR, 03/19/2010


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