Climate Change

Feds Award Millions for Environmental Projects

There is local news in these USDA and USFWS grants. These on-the-ground projects involve specific groups and individuals, offering prime examples of programs you can investigate to see whether federal tax dollars are being effectively and efficiently spent.

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"The Armadillo Moves North Across a Warmer North America"

"Here's one advantage to armadillos' steady northward march across the Southeast United States: They're awfully handy to have as bait if, say, you're a wildlife biologist looking to trap an alligator that has inexplicably settled into your local pond in north Georgia." Part of the explanation for the armadillo's northward migration is probably climate change.

Source: Daily Climate, 06/21/2011

"High Court Blocks States' Lawsuit Over Coal Plant Emissions"

"The Supreme Court ruled [Monday] that six states cannot, for now, try to limit emissions of greenhouse gases under federal common law. The court ruled 8-0 -- Justice Sonia Sotomayor was recused -- that the Clean Air Act and the Obama administration's efforts to regulate emissions had displaced the states' federal common law argument."

Source: Greenwire, 06/21/2011

"Did 'No. 1' Climate Change Denier Fake His Résumé?"

"Sometimes it seems hard to believe how much skepticism still exists about climate change, with the scientific community in near-unanimous agreement that yes, it's happening and yes, it's our fault. But as Minnesota State Senator Michael Jungbauer reminded us yesterday, most of that dissent comes from people who are more or less clueless about the science."

Source: Mother Jones, 06/16/2011

Former Rep. Inglis to Launch Conservative Coalition to Address Climate

"A former Republican congressman who is an advocate for action to address climate change plans to launch a new conservative coalition this fall made up of Republicans who, like him, believe that human emissions are triggering global warming and that steps should be taken to stop it."

Source: Greenwire, 06/15/2011


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