"Chemical Plants: Still Unsafe?"

As Bhopal proved, chemical plants can be weapons of mass destruction. During the Bush administration, Republicans urged on by the chemical industry, took authority over chemical plant security away from EPA and gave it to the Department of Homeland Security -- which they argued was more competent. Now a GOP-led House investigative panel reveals that DHS has proved incompetent and done nothing in five years.

Source: Wash Post, 02/17/2012
March 12, 2012

DEADLINE: Disaster Management and Resiliency Journalism Fellowships

This new 14-day professional dialogue, study and travel program (May 13-27), co-sponsored by the East-West Center and the Center for Global Partnership, will introduce participating journalists to a broad range of disaster management activities in the United States and Japan as well as post-disaster challenges to political, economic and energy resiliency. Apply by Mar 12th.

Topics on the Beat: 

"Study Links Climate Change To Increased Risk of Storm Surges"

"Studies of climate change and its impact on coastal communities usually focus on rising sea level. Now, scientists from MIT and Princeton University have developed a method to examine how multiple effects of climate change -- including the combination of sea-level rise and stronger hurricanes -- will affect storm surges that wash over sea walls and inundate communities, damaging buildings and infrastructure."

Source: Boston Globe, 02/16/2012

Europe: "Snow Blocks in Tens of Thousands as Cold Death Toll Rises"

"Snow drifts reaching up to rooftops kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes Saturday as the death toll from Europe's big freeze rose past 550.

More heavy snow fell on the Balkans and in Italy, while the Danube river, already closed to shipping for hundreds of kilometres (miles) because of thick ice, froze over in Bulgaria for the first time in 27 years.

Source: AFP, 02/13/2012


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