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Media Play Key, Sometimes Misleading, Role in Public's View of Climate Research

The media may play a role in misleading the public, especially when journalists attempt a "false balance" in stories, giving equal treatment to climate science skeptics who question the validity of climate science studies.

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On-line Journalism Begins To Fill the Void After Newspaper World’s Decay

SEJournal's Bill Dawson interviews Environmental Health News editor-in-chief Marla Cone, who left the Los Angeles Times in 2008, after almost two decades. Since then, Cone has overseen a number of major changes at the not-for-profit online publication.

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"Despite Obama's Lofty Words, Scientific Integrity Rules Are Lagging"

"Last March, President Obama promised he'd have a strategy for restoring scientific integrity to the federal government on hand by July 29. A full year later, federal agencies still have not received any new directives and some government scientists say that conditions have not improved noticeably since Obama took power."

Source: Huffington Post, 07/12/2010

"While Media Is Sandbagged, Is Sand Dumped Over Oil on Grand Isle?"

Clean-looking sand is being dumped on the beaches of Grand Isle, and some of it is layered over asphalt-like oil residue, according to several reports based on photo and video documentation. But whether this is being done to fortify beaches or to hide oilspill damage is impossible to say -- because of a BP-Coast Guard media blackout threatening $40,000 fines to anyone who tries to get close enough to tell.

Source: Huffington Post, 07/02/2010

"In Reporting on Oil Spill, Limits Persist on Media Access in the Gulf"

Despite orders from the "incident commander" and denials by BP, press access to both federal and BP Gulf operations is still restricted. An HHS mobile clinic is surrounded by barbed wire, guarded by police, and declared off limits to reporters by federal "press officers" whose salaries are paid by your taxes.

Source: PBS Newshour, 07/02/2010


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