"After 60 Years, ‘Silent Spring’ Is Still Changing the World"

"A scientist, farmer, journalist, biologist, and community organizer reflect on the power and ongoing impact of Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book, and the work that remains to be done."

"In late September, California released a sobering report on the amount of pesticide residue found on produce sold in the state: Sixty-five percent had detectable levels, the highest level since the state began monitoring pesticides on food in 2012.

These findings are just the latest reminder of how prevalent these chemicals are in our food system, and they’re especially pertinent six decades after the publication of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson’s seminal book about the dangers of pesticides.

Despite her warnings—and all we have learned since—pesticide use is up 81 percent in the past 35 years, with some regions of the world spiking considerably. South America, for instance, has seen an almost 500 percent jump in use during that period.

With pesticides still so rampant, what is the legacy of Silent Spring? How far have we come and how much farther do we have to go to realize the human right to healthy food, and to protect the rights of the farmers and farmworkers growing that food?"

Anna Lappé reports for Civil Eats October 19, 2022.

Source: Civil Eats, 10/21/2022