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Are You Ready for Flood Season?

Flooding is no longer just a local disaster story. As the phenomenon worsens and spreads, it simultaneously raises issues like development, insurance, stormwater management and climate change. The latest TipSheet runs down longer-term angles of flooding, and offers sources and tools to better cover your own flood stories.

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Pesticide-Friendly Bill From Lepage Mirrors Model By Secretive ALEC

"[Maine] Gov. Paul LePage’s bill to take away municipal government’s ability to enact local pesticide ordinances closely mirrors a model bill written and promoted by a secretive national group that helps large national corporations ghost-write laws for sympathetic state legislators."

Source: Portland Press Herald, 05/10/2017

New York Plan to Dump Chlorine Into Sewers Worries Environmentalists

"Facing a chronic problem of raw sewage emptying into city waterways during rainfalls, and struggling to meet health regulations, New York City environmental officials are turning to a new method of treating bacteria in sewage: dumping chlorine into sewer pipes leading to the waterways."

Source: NY Times, 05/02/2017
May 16, 2017

DEADLINE: Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay Fellowship Program

In summer 2017, the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay will award fellowships ($5,000 each) to ~10 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in their partnership institutions. The fellowship was created with scientists in mind; however they are open to proposals from journalists. So if you are a journalist in NYC or the surrounding area with a proposal you would like to submit, the deadline is May 16.

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