Environmental Health

"5 Ways Brexit Will Transform Energy And Climate"

"Britain’s departure from the EU will force broad changes to the bloc’s energy and climate policies, and remove a crucial ally for Central Europeans — but it will also give London far more freedom to pursue nuclear projects."

Source: Politico, 06/24/2016

"Cancer Is Contagious Among Clams. What About Us?"

"The ocean contains a vast number of living things, including many, many pathogens — from bacteria that thrive on coral to fungi that infect lobsters. A drop of seawater may hold 10 million viruses. Recently, a team of scientists revealed a frightening member of this menagerie: free-floating cancer cells that cause contagious tumors in shellfish."

Source: NY Times, 06/23/2016

"Zika Deal in Congress Likely to Be Delayed Until After Recess"

"Emergency financing to fight the mosquito-borne Zika virus appeared likely to be delayed until after Congress returns from its Fourth of July recess, as Democrats on Wednesday sharply criticized a new Republican proposal to provide $1.1 billion, but with $750 million redirected from other federal programs."

Source: NY Times, 06/23/2016


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