Environmental Health

"Toxic Chemicals Found in Child Car Seats"

"The very seats designed to provide safety for small children have been found to be at risk for containing toxic chemicals, according to an updated study released today by Healthystuff.org. Still, despite the concerns raised by this study, using a properly installed child safety seat is the best way to transport a child by car."

Source: Consumer Reports, 06/05/2015

"Mixed Feelings for Landfill Run Deep in Tennessee"

"Back in 2008, an estimated 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash was released into the Emory River in Tennessee when a dam breached at the Kingston Fossil Plant. It was the biggest coal ash spill in the nation. Much of that coal ash was hauled to a landfill in Perry County, Alabama. Residents of the poor, mostly African-American county have filed a lawsuit saying they're suffering as a result of the coal ash. But the landfill is also a vital part of the local economy.

Source: WV Public Broadcasting, 05/29/2015


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