Environmental Health

"Legionnaires’ Outbreaks: Cases Nearly Quadrupled In 15 Years"

"Cases of Legionnaires' disease nearly quadrupled in the United States over a 15-year period, and almost all might have been prevented with the proper use of disinfectant, the right water temperature and other measures, federal health officials said Tuesday."

Source: Wash Post, 06/08/2016

"Drinking Water: EPA Unveils Guidelines For Post-Nuclear Accident"

"U.S. EPA has issued its first-ever guidance on contamination in drinking water in the wake of a nuclear disaster, 'dirty bomb' or other radiological accident, drawing criticism from public health and environmental groups."

Source: E&E News PM, 06/08/2016

"Flint Water Woes Reach Beyond Lead In Drinking Supply"

"Replacing 13 miles of water mains every year for the next 50 years. Repairing or replacing five dams. Switching out at least 2,000 lead service lines every year for five years. Those are some of the "immediate needs" for the city of Flint's ailing water system that go far beyond removing lead particles from the contaminated drinking water supply, according to a state-commissioned report obtained by the Detroit Free Press."

Source: Detroit Free Press, 06/07/2016

"Widely Used U.S. Farm Chemical Atrazine May Threaten Animals: EPA"

"One of the most popular herbicides in U.S. agriculture can be dangerous to animals and fish and leaves behind worrisome residue levels, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday in a draft report that sparked outrage among farmers."

Source: Reuters, 06/06/2016

In Alabama, 100,000 People Told Not To Drink Water Due To Contamination

"A water provider in northern Alabama warned more than 100,000 customers on Thursday not to drink or cook with tap water, saying it could be contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of a chemical that federal health officials have linked to cancer, according to local media reports."

Source: Reuters, 06/03/2016


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