Elevated Levels of Toxics Found in Athabasca River

"Edmonton -- A study set to be published on Monday has found elevated levels of mercury, lead and eleven other toxic elements in the oil sands'  main fresh water source, the Athabasca River, refuting long-standing government and industry claims that water quality there hasn't been affected by oil sands development."

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 08/30/2010

"Teens Carry 30 Per Cent More BPA Than Rest of Population"

"Teenagers may carry the highest levels of bisphenol A -- about 30 per cent more than the rest of the population, according to the first national survey about the compound conducted by Statistics Canada, but exposure to the estrogen-mimicking chemical is widespread, with detectible levels in 91 per cent of Canadians."

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 08/18/2010
September 7, 2010

SEJ Toronto Pub Night

Covering the beat in the GTA? This is one pub night you don't want to miss!

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