All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

"Fajardo's Fight: Taking on Big Oil"

Pablo Fajardo is the David to the oil Goliath Chevron Texaco. He represents about 30,000 Ecuadorians in a class action suit trying to clean up the oily mess in their part of the Amazon. The case, filed in 1993, goes back as far as 1964, when the U.S. company Texaco began oil exploration there. The suit alleges that Texaco dumped 18.5 billion gallons of 'produced water' -- which can contain dissolved inorganic salts, dispersed oil droplets and dissolved oil; treatment and workover chemicals; dissolved gases, particularly hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide; and bacteria and other living organisms.

Source: Eugene Weekly, 08/17/2009

"The War Over Waxman-Markey"

"A long-awaited vote on the Waxman-Markey climate bill, expected this week or early next month, has environmentalists teetering at the edge of existential crisis. Some believe the bill is so deeply flawed it might actually make matters worse; disillusionment with the bill is causing fierce recriminations within the environmental movement and has led to a knockdown, drag-out fight within the Sierra Club."

Source: Mother Jones, 06/23/2009


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