Climate Change

Right-Wing Cato Fakes 'Addendum', Tries To Undo U.S. Climate Report

"A new 'addendum' to be released as soon as this week purports to update with the latest science a 2009 federal assessment on the impacts to the United States of climate change. The addendum matches the layout and design of the original, published by the U.S. Global Change Research Program: Cover art, 'key message' sections, table of contents are all virtually identical, down to the chapter heads, fonts and footnotes. But the new report comes from the conservative Washington, D.C.-based Cato Institute."

Source: Daily Climate, 10/22/2012

Polls: "Belief in Climate Change Climbs, Including Among Conservatives"

"About 67 percent of Americans believe temperatures are rising, marking a slow but persistent rebound from the 2009 freefall in public opinion around climate change. Belief in warming now almost matches its pre-tumble level of four years ago, a new poll finds."

Source: ClimateWire, 10/17/2012

"Is David Axelrod Responsible for Climate Change Inaction?"

Many environmentalists are embittered by the perception that President Obama has given up the fight on climate change. Few know that at a Martch 2009 off-record meeting, the leaders of most major U.S. environmental groups agreed with Obama political advisers to stop talking about climate change and reframe the message as one of clean energy.

Source: Grist, 10/17/2012


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