Climate Change

"Economists Find Flaws in Federal Estimate of Climate Damage"

"A new report concludes that each ton of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere inflicts as much as $900 in environmental harm - almost 45 times the amount the federal government uses when setting regulations. The gap, advocates say, disguises the true value of emissions reductions."

Source: Daily Climate, 07/13/2011

"B.C.'s Grey Whales Outwit Climate Change"

"A one-of-a-kind pod of about 200 'resident' eastern Pacific grey whales, which spends every summer feeding near Vancouver Island while the 20,000 other members of the species continue their epic annual migration between Mexico and Alaska, could hold the key to the evolutionary history of the majestic mammal -- and to its future in the age of climate change -- according to a new study."

Source: Postmedia, 07/12/2011


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