"DuPont Rejected Safety Options for Belle Plant, Records Show"

The DuPont company, which has touted its own safety and environmental record, turned down in 1988 a construction option for its Belle, WV, plant that could have protected workers and the community from deadly phosgene gas. One worker died in a series of three phosgene releases there in 2010.

Source: Charleston Gazette, 07/11/2011

"Chem Safety Board: DuPont Needs To 'Re-Examine' Safety Practices"

"DuPont Co. rejected affordable plant and equipment upgrades, ignored near-miss incidents and violated the chemical giant's own widely touted safety guidelines in failing to prevent three January 2010 accidents that left one Belle plant worker dead, federal investigators said in a report issued Thursday."

Source: Charleston Gazette, 07/08/2011

Exxon Blocks Public Roads; Bars Reporters from Spill Without "Escort"

"Even though the [Yellowstone River] oil spill is widespread, it's not always easy to get to. In Laurel, Montana, near where the spill happened, Exxon security guards block off a public road leading to cleanup operations. Media from around the world wait to be escorted into one area to film the spill. Hassett said the escort is to protect reporters from the floodwaters."

Source: CNN, 07/08/2011

"Groundhog Day: An Oil Giant Spins a Spill"

"Credibility is a precious thing. Oil giant ExxonMobil did not have much to begin with, but it went even deeper into its scarce reserves in the past few days when a company pipeline spilled oil into a river that runs past the homes of about 6,500 people. Wednesday brought another blow: it turns out ExxonMobil needed almost an hour to fully seal the burst pipeline instead of the 30 minutes company president Gary Pruessing had initially said it took."

Source: TIME, 07/07/2011


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