Nuclear Power & Radiation

"Long-Abandoned Nuclear Reactors Eyed for Restart"

"Alongside a multitude of pending applications for new nuclear reactors, there is a move to restart construction at sites where the work began decades ago only to be abandoned before completion." The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering reinstatement of construction permits for the Tennessee Valley Authority's two Bellefonte nuclear reactors, started near Hollywood, Ala., in 1974 but never finished.

Source: SolveClimate, 03/05/2010

"Nuclear Projects Face Financial Obstacles"

"Hopes for a nuclear revival, fanned by fears of global warming and a changing political climate in Washington, are running into new obstacles over a key element -- money. A new approach for easing the cost of new multibillion-dollar reactors, which can take years to complete, has provoked a backlash from big-business customers unwilling to go along."

Source: Wash Post, 03/02/2010
March 31, 2010

DEADLINE: Chernobyl Study Trip: Nuclear Power and the Future Energy Economy

What's the future for nuclear power? How do we know if it's "safe enough?" What role does it play in preventing climate change? Learn more by joining the Study Trip to visit Chernobyl in Ukraine, Oct. 15-24, 2010. Travel grants available. Deadline for first review of applicants is March 31st.



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