Nuclear Power & Radiation

"N.M. Salt Beds Could Become Nation's Nuclear Dump"

"For 11 years, the federal government has been burying nuclear waste in New Mexican salt beds at a place called WIPP, or the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. It's waste from making atomic weapons. But now the government is looking for a place to put thousands of tons of spent fuel from reactors. These salt beds could be the place."

Source: NPR, 05/13/2010

"Stimulus Workers Confront Legacy of Contamination at Nuclear Sites"

The $2 billion in federal stimulus money was welcomed in southeastern Washington, where the government has been working for decades to clean up the Hanford nuclear complex. But newly hired workers on the project may be facing dangers because of inadequate training and precautions for the threat of deadly beryllium dust.

Source: ProPublica, 05/04/2010

"There's No 'Plan B' for Nuclear Waste, So It Stays Local"

"Twenty concrete vaults sit side-by-side, like self-storage containers, next to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant. These concrete tombs hold fuel cells, each containing 12-foot rods of enriched uranium. The rods are toxic and radioactive and were never intended to be stored here indefinitely, among Ocean County's 560,000 residents."

Source: Press of Atlantic City, 04/26/2010


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