Climate Change

July 17, 2012 to July 20, 2012

First Stewards Symposium

A first-of-its-kind national event, taking place in Washington, DC, will examine the impact of climate change on indigenous coastal cultures. The symposium is a partnership between the tribal and Pacific Island indigenous communities with scientists and governmental and non-governmental organizations including the National Congress of American Indians, NOAA, and many more.

"Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds"

"Some of the weather extremes bedeviling people around the world have become far more likely because of human-induced global warming, researchers reported on Tuesday. Yet they ruled it out as a cause of last year’s devastating floods in Thailand, one of the most striking weather events of recent years."

Source: NY Times, 07/11/2012

"'New McCarthyism' Described by Climate Scientist Michael Mann"

"Long respected by his professional peers around the world, [scientist Michael] Mann became more widely known as one of the targets of the so-called and now discredited 'climategate scandal,' involving hacked emails of several prominent climate scientists. Mann's science and professional conduct (and that of others so targeted) have been repeatedly exonerated by independent professional review."

Source: ABC News, 07/09/2012


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