Natural Resources

"Grasslands Get Squeezed As Another 1.6 Million Acres Go Into Crops"

"Today's number: 1.6 million. That's 1.6 million acres — about the area of the state of Delaware. That's how much land was removed this year from the federal Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP, which pays farmers to keep land covered with native grasses or sometimes trees. Most of that land now will produce crops like corn or wheat.

Source: NPR, 12/23/2013

US Is Making A Lot Less Off Drilling On Public Lands Than It Should Be

"WASHINGTON –- The federal government isn't doing enough to ensure it collects a 'fair return' for the oil and gas that companies produce from public lands, in part due to policies on revenues for onshore drilling that are nearly a century old, according to a critical report on the Department of the Interior released Tuesday."

Source: Huffington Post, 12/18/2013


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