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April 29, 2013 to April 30, 2013

Slow Money 4th National Gathering

This event features dozens of food entrepreneurs who are leading the way rebuilding local food systems around the country, along with many renowned thought leaders in agriculture, investing and philanthropy. Early bird rates available.


"Clean Economy" Jobs Exceed Fossil Fuels Or Bioscience Sectors

A report from Brooking Institution and Battelle's Technology Partnership Practice says there are about 2.7 million direct "clean economy" jobs nationwide, including those in industries such as wastewater, mass transit, solar photovoltaic, wind, fuel cells, smart grid, biofuels, batteries, green chemical products, and lighting.

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"Wichita's Economy Is Greener Than You Think"

"Wichita actually has thousands of jobs tied to improving the environment — in businesses such as organic farming, insulated building materials and wind turbine parts. But what makes the green economy different today is that it also attracts people who simply want to do well — as in, make money — rather than people who want to do good."

Source: Wichita Eagle, 08/03/2011

As Global Temps Rise, More Companies Begin Adapting to a Warmer World

"Adjusting and adapting to an inevitably warmer world, more far-sighted private companies are moving forward even in the absence of strong government leadership globally and nationally. Understanding, anticipating and managing their risks are becoming those companies’ new, and challenging, reality."

Source: Yale Climate/Media Forum, 07/29/2011

Short on Cash and Know-How, U.S. Geothermal Industry Stumbles"

Dramatic drops in the stock prices of some publicly traded geothermal energy companies in the last year or so have resulted from a variety of factors. Some companies lacking expertise have done a poor job of developing the geothermal reserves they hold. Some are having trouble getting the capital they need. And in the end, most of the best geothermal reserves in the U.S. may already be taken.

Source: Greenwire, 07/13/2011


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