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"U.S. Concern Over Compounders Predates Outbreak of Meningitis"

"A year before people began dying of meningitis caused by a tainted drug from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts, the Food and Drug Administration worried that compounders across the country might be selling another substandard drug, one possibly made with unapproved Chinese ingredients."

Source: NY Times, 10/23/2012

Feds Trust Private Contractors To Make Calls on FOIA Secrets

Danielle Ivory reports for Bloomberg: "At least 25 federal agencies are outsourcing parts of the FOIA process. The contractors, sometimes using workers with security clearances, are building FOIA software, corresponding with requesters, redacting documents and recommending what information should be withheld."

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"LG&E To Replace Cane Run Plant Eight Months Early"

"Running out of room to dump coal waste and facing thousands of dollars in fines over blowing ash, Louisville Gas and Electric Co. on Monday said it plans to shut down its Cane Run power plant in May 2015, eight months earlier than expected, to replace it with a natural-gas fired plant."

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 10/17/2012


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