Climate Change

Colorado River: "What If There's a Bad Snow Year?"

"Skimpy-clothed people splashing amid the red sandstone canyons of Utah define our images of Lake Powell. But six months ago, engineers and water officials from the seven states of the Colorado River Basin quietly met in Santa Fe to consider a more serious possibility: Continued drought could leave too little water in the reservoir for the eight giant turbines in Glen Canyon Dam to produce electricity."

Columnist Allen Best reports for the Denver Post December 8, 2013.

Source: Denver Post, 12/10/2013

Will Canada Make Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions To Win Over U.S.?

"WASHINGTON/CALGARY -- Canada is running out of time to offer U.S. President Barack Obama a climate change concession that might clinch the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, as the country's energy industry continues to resist costly curbs on greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: Reuters, 12/09/2013


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