Fish & Fisheries

May 14, 2011 to May 18, 2011

2nd International Marine Conservation Congress

IMCC2 is a meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology's marine section that attracts ocean scientists, managers, policymakers, and communities from around the world. More than 1,200 people attended IMCC1 in May 2009 in Washington, DC. This year, the theme is "Making Marine Science Matter.”

February 15, 2018 to February 19, 2018

AAAS Annual Meeting

Science Communicators – Sign up now for the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting, with the theme “Advancing Science: Discovery to Application,” in Austin, TX. You may be eligible for complimentary registration.


"Iowa OK’s Fish Deemed Risky by Feds, Neighboring States"

"The state of Iowa is failing to warn people to cut back on eating locally caught fish contaminated with mercury and other pollutants at levels the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finds too risky, a study by The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism has found."

Source: Iowa Independent, 12/16/2010


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