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"BP Oil Spill: Emails Reveal Company Veiling Spill Rate"

"NEW ORLEANS -- On the day the Deepwater Horizon sank, BP officials warned in an internal memo that if the well was not protected by the blow-out preventer at the drill site, crude oil could burst into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 3.4 million gallons a day, an amount a million gallons higher than what the government later believed spilled daily from the site."

Source: Huffington Post, 01/30/2012

"Waning Support for Wind and Solar"

"Assisted by technological innovation and years of subsidies, the cost of wind and solar power has fallen sharply — so much so that the two industries say that they can sometimes deliver cleaner electricity at prices competitive with power made from fossil fuels. At the same time, wind and solar companies are telling Congress that they cannot be truly competitive and keep creating jobs without a few more years of government support."

Source: NY Times, 01/27/2012

"STUDY: The Press And The Pipeline"

"A Media Matters analysis shows that as a whole, news coverage of the Keystone XL pipeline between August 1 and December 31 favored pipeline proponents. Although the project would create few long-term employment opportunities, the pipeline was primarily portrayed as a jobs issue. Pro-pipeline voices were quoted more frequently than those opposed, and dubious industry estimates of job creation were uncritically repeated 5 times more often than they were questioned.

Source: Media Matters, 01/27/2012
March 15, 2024

DEADLINE: Heinrich Böll Foundation's Transatlantic Media Fellowships

The fellowships support journalists in researching stories in the EU. It has a strong focus on recruiting journalists with diverse backgrounds who might not otherwise have the opportunity to do international reporting. In 2024, policy areas include climate & energy policy, among others. Cash stipend for in-person or digital fellowship. Apply by Mar 15.


"A Legal Defense Fund for Climate Scientists"

"For years, climate scientists have been assailed from many sides -- through e-mail hacking, death threats, politician’s demands for documents, Freedom of Information requests (many having the strong smell of a fishing expedition). A Climate Science Legal Defense Fund set up last fall has taken on a formal affiliation with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, an established nonprofit group offering aid and advice to government whistleblowers and scientists working on environmental issues."

Source: Dot Earth, 01/25/2012

"EPA: Revived Photo Collection Shows America During Agency's Infancy"

EPA's "Documerica" photo archive, suppressed by the Reagan administration and forgotten for years, is being revived. It provides a stunning series of "before" pictures as a context in which to place the pollution control now under assault by Republicans. And it offers cash-strapped journalists a treasure-trove of copyright-free graphics.

Source: Greenwire, 01/19/2012

"MIT Climate Scientist Receives Frenzy of Hate Mail"

"Prominent MIT researcher Kerry Emanuel has been receiving an unprecedented 'frenzy of hate' after a video featuring an interview with him was published recently by Climate Desk.

Emails contained 'veiled threats against my wife,' and other 'tangible threats,' Emanuel, a highly-regarded atmospheric scientist and director of MIT’s Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate program, said in an interview. 'They were vile, these emails. They were the kind of emails nobody would like to receive.'

Source: Climate Desk, 01/18/2012


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