Pakistan Floods Raise Spectre of Climate Refugees, Security Threat

A fifth of Pakistan is under water, and more than 14 million victims are flooded out. The Taliban and terror-linked groups are helping people more rapidly than the U.N. and western nations. The floods seem to be verifying predictions of climate refugees and climate change as a threat to global and U.S. security. The current government of Pakistan may be failing. Will global warming cause a nuclear-armed nation to be taken over by terrorists?

Source: AFP, 08/13/2010

"Army Corps Considering Coal Ash To Fix Levees"

"The Army Corps of Engineers wants to use ash cast off from coal-fired electrical generation to shore up dozens of miles of Mississippi River levees, drawing fire from environmentalists worried that heavy metals from the filler might make their way into the river."

Source: AP, 07/14/2010
October 31, 2010 to November 4, 2010

ASA-CSSA-SSSA 2010 International Annual Meetings

More than 3,500 scientists, professionals, and students will meet in Long Beach, CA, under the meeting theme, "Green Revolution 2.0: Food + Energy and Environmental Security." This is the Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) and Soil Science Society of America. Also meeting: U.S. Canola Association Research Conference and The 3rd International Conference on Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics.


"No Contractor Left Behind Part II: KBR’s Negligence"

Engineering and construction firm KBR has profited from the war in Iraq, thanks to secret-no-bid contracts coordinated by the office of then VP Cheney, who had previously headed KBR's parent company. Evidence shows that US soldiers were exposed to carcinogen sodium dichromate as part of KBR's activities in Iraqi oil fields.
Source: DC Bureau, 10/08/2009

Beach Nourishment: Supreme Court To Decide Who Owns the New Sand

When governments or communities pay to replenish beaches along privately owned beachfront property — or create new beaches by trucking in sand — what does that mean for the landowners' waterfront rights and property value?
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"Crime Scene Cleanup" in Kelly AFB Toxics Case

New evidence indicates the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry fails to protect communities from dangers such as the now-disappearing plumes of toxic groundwater carrying cancer-causing chemicals far beyond the Kelly Air Force Base near San Antonio, TX.
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2004 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

September 10, 2004
SEJ opposes rider with new FOIA exemption for satellite data and studies on Earth resources

The Society of Environmental Journalists joined other journalism groups September 10, 2004, urging Congressional leaders to strip a new FOIA exemption for certain satellite data on the Earth's resources from the 2005 Defense Authorization Bill (S 2400).


States Backing Off Enforcement of Toxic Military Site Cleanups

The US military has created at least 31,487 toxic sites at 4,624 military facilities or properties. Many of these have been cleaned up to some degree over the past few decades, but 7,056 still haven't had any cleanup, nor is there an accepted cleanup plan in place, according to the Sept. 18, 2008, testimony of Wayne Arny (703-695-2880), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, before the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee.
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