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"Trib Investigation Reveals Gaping Holes in Water Oversight"

"A chemical plant holding a 'minor' stormwater discharge permit caused a major drinking water disaster in Charleston, W.Va., in February. That incident raises questions about risks from thousands of industrial chemicals used daily along waterways such as the Ohio River — the source of drinking water for more than 5 million people from Pittsburgh to Cairo, Ill."

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 04/07/2014
May 2, 2014

DEADLINE: IJNR Shale Country Institute

The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources' Shale Country Institute will take place in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York from June 24-28, 2014. Shale Country will be all about fracking. We’ll talk economics, ecology, and environmental toxicology. We’ll hear about human health, water and air quality, and citizen science. And we’ll meet with scientists, industry representatives, concerned citizens, and many others in the forests, fields and neighborhoods where these important stories are taking place. Apply by May 2nd.


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