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A Nod of Thanks to Our Founders, Who Have Put SEJ on a Path to the Future

SEJ President's Report


SEJ learned of the death of David Stolberg, a key founder of the organization, on the Friday heading into Memorial Day weekend.

I never met Stolberg, so I never had the opportunity to thank him for his role in launching SEJ. In fact, I’ve never thanked any of the founders.

Industry, White House May Suppress EPA List of "Chemicals Of Concern"

"The White House is under pressure from two democratic senators to release a list of chemicals the Environmental Protection Agency says could endanger human health or the environment. This so-called chemicals of concern list would include eight phthalates, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and bisphenol A."

"The chemical industry has attempted to block release of EPA’s proposed list over the past year.

Source: C&EN, 09/13/2011

"A Decade After 9/11, Are Chemical Plants Still Vulnerable?"

After the 9/11 attacks, government and industry warned that chemical plants were a prime terrorist target that could kill thousands of Americans. They moved quickly to make it harder for the public to know how large a threat the plants posed to nearby communities. But a decade later, the nation has yet to adopt a comprehensive anti-terrorism program for chemical plants.

Source: Charleston Gazette, 09/12/2011

"Cool Climate Paper Sinks Journal Editor"

"The editor of the journal Remote Sensing resigned [Friday], saying in an editorial that his journal never should have published a controversial paper in July that challenged the reliability of climate models used to forecast global warming. The paper, by Roy Spencer and William Braswell of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, proposed that climate researchers have likely made a fundamental error by overestimating the sensitivity of the climate to greenhouse-gas pollution."

Source: Nature, 09/05/2011

"Information on Drilling Fluids Hard To Come by in Pennsylvania"

"Pennsylvania is one of only four states with regulations in place requiring drillers to disclose on a well-by-well basis the additives and chemicals used in fracturing fluid injected deep underground into oil and natural gas wells. But the state is the only one not to post the data on the Internet."

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 08/30/2011
December 1, 2016

DEADLINE: California Health Journalism Fellowship

Based at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism, the one-week California Health Journalism Fellowship, Mar 5-9, 2017, is open to print, broadcast, and online journalists from California, or those based elsewhere who contribute to California media outlets. $1,000 stipend. Apply by Dec 1, 2016.


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