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Obama Shows Dictators How To Circumvent a Free Press at Nuke Summit

"The only part of the [nuclear] summit, other than a post-meeting news conference, that was visible to the public was Obama's eight-minute opening statement, which ended with the words: 'I'm going to ask that we take a few moments to allow the press to exit before our first session.'"

Source: Wash Post, 04/14/2010

A Host of Investigative Journalism on the Web, Thanks to Non-Profit Sites


 One of the worries prompted by the plummeting numbers of jobs in the commercial news media is that it will mean a decline in investigative reporting.

One of the hopes prompted by the launching of new non-profit journalism ventures is that it will make up, at least partly, for that decline.

Big Movies, New Books and Accolades for SEJ Members


 Environmental journalists have had lots to brag about lately.

Take, for instance, Christine Heinrichs, who was already years ahead of the poultry-raising craze that's gripping the nation. Besides her popular books on the subject and serving part-time as contributing editor at Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology, she's doing more radio.


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