Water & Oceans

March 31, 2017

Webinar: Go Deep: The Legal Implications of Deep Ocean Resource Exploration and Extraction

As oceans are an increasingly important resource for many industries and coastal states, and activities move further offshore, this World Ocean Council webinar, 12:15-1:30 pm MDT, will examine new legal questions raised as activities move further offshore, beyond the boundaries of coastal state laws into the realm of international conventions and regulators. Event is no charge; registration required.


Defying Man & Nature, The Sea Otters Of Morro Bay Have Made A Comeback

"On a day of cozy coastal grays — soft cloud cover, a silver foil-wrap sea — a dozen gray fur balls brought visitors the most comfort. Bobbing 20 feet from a harbor walkway, the sea otters were part of a record number in California. They once were believed to be as extinct as the dodo bird or the Tyrannosaurus rex."

Source: LA Times, 03/27/2017

"Delicious and Nearly Extinct, Can White Abalone Be Saved?"

"On a rainy winter evening, biologist Kristin Aquilino was rummaging through the trunk of her pickup truck in the Bodega Marine Lab parking lot. She was looking for a rubber spatula—a tool she needed to pry a recently captured white abalone from inside an ice chest brimming with seawater."

Source: KQED, 03/23/2017


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