Water & Oceans

"Panel Says Seas Could Rise Up To 10.6 Inches On NC Coast By 2045"

"North Carolinians should get ready for a sea-level rise over the next three decades that could be as little as 3.5 inches on the southern coast and as much as 10.6 inches in the northern Outer Banks, a state science advisory panel said Tuesday."

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, 04/03/2015

"Hot Hands: Fingerprints of Climate Change All Over California Drought"

"California’s astonishingly low snowpack, a pathetic 5 percent of normal, and the severity of the drought afflicting the state isn’t some fluke.  It’s a likely consequence of climate change, specifically the rising temperatures which are intensifying many of the processes causing the state to lose water at an alarming rate."

Source: Wash Post, 04/03/2015

Fracking Chemicals: What We Know — and What We Don't

You have to give the U.S. EPA some credit. The agency has done quite a bit to let the public know about some of the toxic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. EPA on March 27, 2015, published a database of nearly 700 of those chemicals, which is a good start and shows how open-source and non-governmental efforts can overcome industry efforts to hide data on toxics.


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