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August 31, 2009

DEADLINE: SEJ Post-Conference Tour / IJNR Lake Country Institute

SEJ Members: Apply by August 31st for an all-expenses-paid fellowship for SEJ's Oct 11-14, 2009, post-conference tour: IJNR's Lake Country Institute!

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September 23, 2020 to September 27, 2020

SEJ's 30th Annual Conference, Boise, ID, Sept. 23-27, 2020

Environmental Journalism 2020 will be hosted by Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Idaho bridges more than the continental divide: A red state with a streak of bright purple, Idaho banks on tech, recreation and agriculture. Its history of logging, ranching and mining has left a complicated legacy on its awe-inspiring landscape. In Boise, America’s fastest growing city, you can ski and golf on the same winter day. But the challenges and opportunities facing state and tribal governments are familiar: urban sprawl, limited resources, energy sources, and conserving the wild for future generations. As the country grapples with COVID-19 restrictions, please know that SEJ conference planners are considering various contingency plans. You can help us by answering a few brief questions and pre-registering for Wednesday workshops (SEJ members only) and Thursday tours that will hopefully be held on-site in Boise. There is no cost for pre-registering. Your spot will be reserved and we will reconfirm your commitment prior to invoicing.

October 9, 2019 to October 13, 2019

SEJ's 29th Annual Conference, Fort Collins, CO

Environmental Journalism 2019 will take place in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosted by Colorado State University. Colorado simultaneously boasts and suffers from a population explosion in Denver and other cities. This purple state is fertile ground for both clashes and collaborations among parties vying for rights to land, water and air, whether to preserve it for wildlife and human recreation or to exploit it for energy extraction. And it is fertile ground for stories! Visit the conference website. See the draft agenda, find a hotel and roommates or sponsor, advertise or exhibit.

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October 4, 2017 to October 8, 2017

SEJ's 27th Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 4-8, 2017

#SEJ2017 will take place in the river town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our host and sponsor is the University of Pittsburgh/Swanson School of Engineering. Topics we'll explore include energy, environmental justice, wilderness, urban farming, green design, transportation, infrastructure and water. Photo: © Steve Heap/Shutterstock.

September 21, 2016 to September 25, 2016

SEJ's 26th Annual Conference

SEJ's 2016 annual conference in Sacramento, sponsored by Capital Public Radio and UC Davis, will include our signature tours and hot topics including the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta; Lake Tahoe; UCDavis' Smart Home and West Village; Bodega Marine Lab; innovative farms and wineries; solar and fuel cell projects; and much more.

October 7, 2015 to October 11, 2015

SEJ's 25th Annual Conference, in Norman, OK

SEJ’s Oklahoma conference will take you to renowned centers of research and operations in severe weather, oil exploration, climate and water conservation. You’ll enjoy a state with nearly a dozen ecoregions, from rolling hills to vast plains, from prairies to forested valleys.

Host and sponsor: The University of Oklahoma

September 3, 2014 to September 7, 2014

SEJ's 24th Annual Conference, in New Orleans, LA

"Risk and Resilience" is SEJ's theme for a packed series of events for this conference, Sep 3-7, 2014. New Orleans and south Louisiana are the poster children for both risk and resilience in the 21st Century. Yet, New Orleans is also a place where we can eat, drink, dance, listen to music and generally partake of the whole spectrum of humanities' offerings, and all this with the climate change monster right outside the door. You will leave this conference motivated, empowered and well-connected with story leads, political context, new insights, contacts, research data, experiences and enhanced skills for effective storytelling on relevant issues. Check out the draft agenda, lodging/travel, find a roommate (members only), advertise/exhibit and more. Tours fill fast, so don't delay — register now!

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October 2, 2013 to October 6, 2013

SEJ's 23rd Annual Conference, in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Saving a city from the nation's dirtiest air, grappling with stormwater pollution, facing new climate extremes, treating toxic risks, building cleaner energy, growing new foods, embracing cutting edge technologies and still gaining new jobs are just a few lessons to learn from Chattanooga during SEJ's 2013 conference, hosted by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

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October 17, 2012 to October 21, 2012

SEJ's 22nd Annual Conference, in Lubbock, Texas

This fall, SEJ is headin’ up and movin’ out to Lubbock, Texas for an unparalleled Western adventure on the High Plains, hosted and sponsored by Texas Tech University.

October 19, 2011 to October 23, 2011

SEJ's 21st Annual Conference

Shark tagging, coral reef and Everglades exploration, a deep-freeze collection of biomedical samples from the ocean, rising sea levels, oil and water... this is just a taste of topics lining up for tours, concurrent and plenary sessions at SEJ's 2011 Annual Conference hosted by the University of Miami.

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