Environmental Digital Storytelling — A Best-in-Show Sampler

As part of its periodic survey of the compelling work by digital journalists using data and multimedia, Reporter’s Toolbox looks at some favorite projects in the last year or so. On the list are granular maps and spinning globes, compelling photo essays and clickable storytelling. But the heart of the best digital journalism, Toolbox reminds us, is that it matters. And these do.

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"In Some Neighborhoods In Drought-Prone Kenya, Clean Water Is Scarce"

"As the sun rises in the Bondeni-Jua Kali neighborhood on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, dozens of women and men step out of their corrugated iron homes with yellow jerricans, skip over pools of sewage and make their way to a nearby water vending station."

Source: AP, 12/04/2023

Corruption, Rights Abuses Flourish in Lithium Mining Across Africa: Report

"A new report from the nonprofit Global Witness validates civil society groups’ concerns about exploitative labor practices and environmental destruction associated with lithium mining. The report, released Tuesday, identifies multiple alleged incidents of corruption, unsafe working conditions, forced evictions, child labor and harmful environmental practices tied to lithium mining in Zimbabwe, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo."

Source: Inside Climate News, 11/16/2023

Cheetahs Become More Nocturnal On Hot Days: Climate Impacts On Predator

"Cheetahs are usually daytime hunters, but the speedy big cats will shift their activity toward dawn and dusk hours during warmer weather, a new study finds. Unfortunately for endangered cheetahs, that sets them up for more potential conflicts with mostly nocturnal competing predators such as lions and leopards, say the authors of research published Wednesday ... ."

Source: AP, 11/09/2023
December 20, 2023

DEADLINE: Rainforest Investigations Network Reporting Fellowships

The Pulitzer Center's RIN seeks to harness investigative reporting and cross-border collaboration to tackle deforestation stories at the intersection of climate change, corruption and governance in the world’s three main tropical rainforest regions: Amazon, Congo Basin and Southeast Asia. Deadline: Dec 20, 2023.



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