Amid Pollution, Indifference, Nigerians Struggle to Catch Their Breath

"The fires burn constantly in and around Onitsha, a growing city nestled on the banks of the Niger River in southern Nigeria. Each fire is surrounded by its own hellscape of rotting food, mounded rubbish, castoff computers, and slaughterhouse scraps, and the blazes — often fueled with old tires sliced into ribbons — incinerate the city’s waste and send out noxious plumes of smoke laden with dangerously high levels of particulate pollution."

Source: Undark, 10/30/2018

Hotter, Drier, Hungrier: How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest

"KAKUMA, Kenya — These barren plains of sand and stone have always known lean times: times when the rivers run dry and the cows wither day by day, until their bones are scattered under the acacia trees. But the lean times have always been followed by normal times, when it rains enough to rebuild herds, repay debts, give milk to the children and eat meat a few times each week."

Source: NY Times, 03/16/2018
January 30, 2022

DEADLINE: Michael Elliott Award for Excellence in African Storytelling

This award honors two up-and-coming journalists in Africa who tell important stories through quality reporting. Winner spends time in U.S. newsrooms to learn new skills and share knowledge, as well as two weeks interning at The Economist in London, and receives a US$5,000 cash prize to pursue an in-depth reporting project. Deadline is Jan 30, 2022.


Teaching Journalism Skills … To All Comers

If you can both do and teach journalism, your skills are in demand, writes educator Dave Poulson in the new EJ Academy column. Here's how to maximize your chances of finding such opportunities. Plus, Poulson's take on the value of fostering reporting skills and journalistic values, even among non-journalists.

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