LNG To Fuel Conflict, Profit, Warming in Coming Years

A partisan debate has flared over liquified natural gas, as industry, environmentalists and politicians wrangle over LNG’s role in climate change and the energy transition, heating and electricity prices, and international and domestic U.S. politics. Backgrounder lays out LNG’s history, starting with the fracking boom and bringing it up to speed with the war in Ukraine and upcoming presidential elections.

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"Exclusive: Mexico's Pemex Put Off Repairs Despite Vast Methane Leak"

"Mexican state energy company Pemex put off urgent repairs and maintenance at an important offshore platform for months, resulting in methane spewing into the atmosphere, according to internal documents and three sources familiar with the infrastructure."

Source: Reuters, 03/25/2024

"Monarch Butterfly Numbers Are Down Sharply at Wintering Areas in Mexico"

"The number of monarch butterflies at their overwintering areas in Mexico dropped precipitously this year to the second-lowest level on record, according to an annual survey." "Scientists said the decline appeared to be driven by hot, dry conditions in the United States and Canada that reduced food supply."

Source: NYTimes, 02/09/2024

California Exports Hazardous Waste. Mexico Neighborhood Shows Consequences

"An ongoing CalMatters investigation has shown how California companies and governments avoid the Golden State’s strict environmental regulations by shipping toxic waste across state borders. New reporting shows how California exports the risk to Mexico."

Source: CalMatters, 12/21/2023
November 22, 2023

DEADLINE: Caribbean Climate Journalism Awards

Climate Tracker, in partnership with Open Society Foundations, launches this inaugural competition aiming to recognize and celebrate outstanding journalism focused on climate change and environmental issues within the Caribbean region. Five prizes of USD$400. Deadline: Nov 22, 2023.

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