On the Persistence of Ocean Plastics

Concerns about seaborne plastic waste go back decades, but science writer Juli Berwald suggests that myths and disinformation about sources and solutions continue to cloud the waters. From lentil-sized nurdles to sprawling fishing nets, 200 million tons of plastic now fill the ocean and, for her, it has become evident that the ocean plastics story is really a land story. But will the newly signed international treaty on plastics offer relief?

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Drought Frontlines: Mexican Communities Strive To Save Every Drop Of Water

"Sixteen Indigenous Zapotec communities in Mexico have created over 579 water infrastructure projects, including absorption wells, small dams and water pans, to conserve water in the Oaxaca Valley – a region impacted by recurrent droughts."

Source: Mongabay, 09/08/2022

"Over Caves and Over Budget, Mexico’s Train Project Barrels Toward Disaster"

"Pitched as a way to develop the country’s poorest region, the Maya Train is threatened by a ballooning budget and rushed construction over fragile terrain. But Mexico’s president has refused to slow it down."

Source: NYTimes, 08/30/2022
August 1, 2022

DEADLINE: Investigative Journalism Workshop on Climate Change With Glòria Pallarès

Reporters and/or editors who cover environmental and/or climate change issues in any Spanish-speaking country in Latin America are invited to apply by Aug 1 for this most-expenses-paid workshop which will be conducted by Glòria Pallarès of Spain, Aug 31-Sep 2, 2022 in Mexico City.


BP Paid Rural Mexicans a “Pittance” for Carbon Credits

"In the coldest months of the year, thick fog blankets the mountain village of Coatitila in eastern Mexico, hiding the bulging, pine-covered hills that cradle it. At midday, the sun pulls back the fog to expose patches of blight where trees have been axed for logging or farm work."

Source: Bloomberg, 07/08/2022
August 10, 2024

DEADLINE: Mongabay's Y. Eva Tan Conservation Reporting Fellowship Program

Mongabay's six-month, twice-yearly remote program will support up to 12 young and aspiring journalists from the world's biodiversity hotspots — six at their global English bureau and six at their Spanish-language bureau. No educational prerequisites. Monthly stipend of $500 USD. Next deadline: Aug 10, 2024.



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