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Oyster Populations Have Plummeted in US and Globally

Down about 85% from their levels around 130 years ago, according to researchers from the US, China, Italy, Uruguay, and Australia, the decimation of native oysters — a contributor to healthy ecosystems and an indicator of ecosystem health — has largely been caused by overharvesting, disease, and introduction of exotic species.

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SEJ Launches New Diversity Task Force To Promote Discussion, Diversity

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Note: In 2020, SEJ's Diversity Task Force relaunched as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Despite the large number of environment-related issues that affect minority communities, the predominant face of journalists reporting on these issues, and of people working in the environmental community, continues to be disproportionately white.

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"Walrus on Endangered Species Waiting List"

"The Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that the Pacific walrus, greatly recovered from decades of slaughter but facing stress in the warming Arctic climate, merits protection under the Endangered Species Act. But the species, like others that face rising pressure but are not in imminent danger, will for now remain in the regulatory equivalent of an overcrowded hospital triage department."

Source: Dot Earth, 02/09/2011
March 20, 2023

DEADLINE: Vermont Law School Summer Media Fellowships

Vermont Law School is accepting applications from full-time journalists for its 2023 summer media fellowships program — three for environmental law, one for food/ag law and one for animal law. Apply by Mar 20.



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