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"Stink Ants Invade Maui, Establish Megacolonies"

"WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana -- An ant species common to the mainland United States that is known for its tropical smell has invaded Hawaii for the first time. A population of odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile, has been found at an upland site on the island of Maui. Also called stink ant, and coconut ant, these ants got their names because they invade houses and smell like coconut when smashed."

Source: ENS, 11/04/2011

GM Crops Promote Superweeds, Food Insecurity and Pesticides, Say NGOs

"Genetic engineering has failed to increase the yield of any food crop but has vastly increased the use of chemicals and the growth of "superweeds", according to a report by 20 Indian, south-east Asian, African and Latin American food and conservation groups representing millions of people.

Source: Guardian, 10/21/2011

"Animal Killings Near Zanesville, Ohio, Unavoidable, Jack Hanna Says"

"ZANESVILLE -- Jonathan Merry said he was seven feet away from being attacked by a black bear. It was one of several harrowing encounters the 25-year-old Muskingum County sheriff's deputy faced as he and others were confronted by dozens of exotic animals escaping from a 73-acre farm in western Muskingum County."

Source: Zanesvill Times Recorder, 10/20/2011

"Reversal of Great Lakes Invasive Species Rules Feared"

"MILWAUKEE — Just a month before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to release new rules to protect the Great Lakes from overseas ships carrying in invasive species, legislation is moving through Congress that conservation groups say might roll back those protections."

Source: McClatchy-Tribune, 10/19/2011


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