"Smart Mama Jennifer Taggart Aims To Get the Lead Out of Toys"

Jennifer Taggart, a southern California lawyer/engineer who blogs as The Smart Mama, pointed her hand-held X-ray flourescence analyzer at some kids' Shrek glasses from McDonalds coveted by her 7-year old -- and within days sparked a recall of 12 million glasses because they contained cadmium.

Source: USA TODAY, 12/07/2010

"DHS Panel on At-Risk Chemical Plants Is Stacked With Insiders"

"When the Department of Homeland Security wants advice on how to guard against terrorist attacks at chemical plants, it relies heavily on a special agency panel focused on the topic. There's just one problem, critics say: The committee is stacked with more than a dozen chemical corporation lobbyists and other industry representatives, who have worked to water down agency standards and oppose tougher security requirements."

Source: Wash Post, 11/30/2010


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