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SEJ Guide to Diversity in Environmental Reporting

The Society of Environmental Journalists published this resource for journalists who want to address diversity concerns and practice more inclusive journalism. Authors Jennifer Oladipo and Talli Nauman created the guide, inspired by discussions by members of SEJ’s Diversity Task Force (now the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee).

September 16, 2013

Does The Environment Matter?

The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, in association with the Knight Program in Science and Environmental Journalism, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, presents panelists (including 3 SEJ members) from a wide range of media who will discuss the state of environmental journalism, addressing questions about the future of investigative reporting, evolving media and why we should care about the environment. Moderated by National Geographic's Edwin Dobb.

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"News Study Finds U.S. Chemical Safety Data Wrong About 90 Percent"

"Even the best national data on chemical accidents is wrong nine times out of 10."

"A Dallas Morning News analysis of more than 750,000 federal records found pervasive inaccuracies and holes in data on chemical accidents, such as the one in West that killed 15 people and injured more than 300."

"In fact, no one at any level of government knows how often serious chemical accidents occur each year in the United States. And there is no plan in place for federal agencies to gather more accurate information.

Source: Dallas Morning News, 08/26/2013
June 1, 2020

DEADLINE: Society for Neuroscience Science Journalism Student Award

This award enables students pursuing a science or medical journalism degree to attend the SfN annual meeting. Receive complimentary meeting registration, four nights’ lodging, $750 for expenses and a mentor who is an experienced professional journalist covering the annual meeting. Deadline is Jun 1.

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