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"Anti-Obama Nonprofit Tells IRS It's Not 'Political'"

"Swing state voters in Virginia and Ohio last fall were bombarded with television advertisements encouraging them to 'stand with coal' and 'vote no on Obama's failing energy policy.' But the sponsor of these ads — a pro-business nonprofit advocacy group called the American Energy Alliance — says the messages weren’t designed to aid Republican Mitt Romney in his bid to unseat President Barack Obama."

Source: Center for Public Integrity, 11/25/2013

Planned Giving to SEJ

Have you thought about providing for SEJ in your will or through your investments? The easiest and most common method of charitable planned giving is by means of a bequest in your will. A will is the legal expression of your wishes for the disposition of your property to take effect at death. However, implementing some or all of your charitable planning during your lifetime can offer some advantages.

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"Experts: Man, Nature Share Typhoon Tragedy Blame"

"Nature and man together cooked up the disaster in the Philippines. Geography, meteorology, poverty, shoddy construction, a booming population, and, to a much lesser degree, climate change combine to make the Philippines the nation most vulnerable to killer typhoons, according to several scientific studies."

Source: AP, 11/15/2013

"Walmart's Sustainability Results Don't Match Promises, Report Finds"

"WASHINGTON -– Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has received positive press in recent years for its promises to go green. The company began issuing an annual Global Responsibility Report in 2005. It announced plans to slash emissions in its supply chain in 2010. The company pledged this year to expand the use of renewable energy. But according to a report released Wednesday, Walmart's green pledges remain more hype than reality."

Source: Huffington Post, 11/14/2013


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