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UVM to Host Vermont-Favored Hearty Party




Every year that moveable feast, known as the SEJ Conference Saturday night reception, rolls out its local talent and regional cuisine. Veteran conference-goers still speak in hushed tones of the 2003 party at New Orleans' Mardi Gras World and gyrate at the thought of 2004 in Pittsburgh with "No Bad Ju-Ju."

This year, the Vermont conference team promises to take the concept of "local" to a new level, thanks to this event's sponsorship by co-host the University of Vermont.

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Cómo hacer una conferencia de prensa para la Red Mexicana de Periodistas Ambientales (REMPA)


Dentro de las actividades prioritarias de REMPA, hay una serie de cuatro conferencias de prensa sobre la conservación de bosques, por el cual la red colabora con el International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) y la Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ). Esto es posible gracias a los fondos de la Fundación Ford disponibles hasta mediados del año 2008.


Las Tesis de Susana Guzmán

La tesis de maestría en inglés en Michigan State University: "A Portrait of the Environmental Journalists in Mexican Newspapers." Una de las primeras periodistas ambientales en México, Guzmán realizo una tesina de licenciatura en la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México sobre "El papel del comunicador ambiental en el periodismo".

June 2, 2009

DEADLINE: The Puget Sound Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources

The Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources is inviting applications for its Puget Sound Institute, a nine-day journey in July 2009 through parts of northwest Washington that will examine a variety of newsworthy topics.


Media Hype's Impacts On Disaster Victims And Endangered Species


After a disaster, news coverage can amplify risk, create new health syndromes, study shows.

Disasters and their aftermaths can have repercussions that reach beyond the days or weeks that follow, and news reports can strongly impact public reaction to related risks, even contributing to increased reports of health-related problems that may not be linked to the disaster, a recent study shows.

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