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Ohio Governor Signs Nuclear and Coal Bailout at Expense of Renewables

"The Ohio legislature passed a measure Tuesday that cuts renewable energy and energy efficiency programs while adding subsidies for nuclear and coal-fired power plants—a policy cocktail that opponents say is backward-looking and harmful to the economy, consumers and the environment."

Source: InsideClimate News, 07/24/2019

"Fewer Inspections for Aging Nuclear Plants, Regulators Propose"

"A new report by staff members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which oversees the safety of the nation’s 59 aging nuclear power plants, recommends that the commissioners significantly weaken or reduce safety inspections of the plants."

Source: NY Times, 07/19/2019

"Nuclear Industry Push For Reduced Oversight Gaining Traction"

"Fewer mock commando raids to test nuclear power plants’ defenses against terrorist attacks. Fewer, smaller government inspections for plant safety issues. Less notice to the public and to state governors when problems arise. They’re part of the money-saving rollbacks sought by the country’s nuclear industry under President Donald Trump and already approved or pending approval by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, largely with little input from the general public."

Source: AP, 07/18/2019

"Energy Policy: Advanced Nuclear Bill Raises Bailout Fears"

"A provision in bipartisan legislation to bolster the commercialization of advanced nuclear technologies is causing fears that it may provide a backdoor financial lifeline for existing coal and nuclear plants through 40-year federal power purchase agreements."

Source: Greenwire, 07/17/2019

"US Can Label Nuke Waste As Less Dangerous To Quicken Cleanup"

"The U.S. government on Wednesday will reclassify some of the nation’s most dangerous radioactive waste to lower its threat level, outraging critics who say the move would make it cheaper and easier to walk away from cleaning up nuclear weapons production sites in Washington state, Idaho and South Carolina."

Source: AP, 06/07/2019


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