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News Can Net Eyeballs By Turning Dweebish Data Into Magic Maps

When it comes to telling environment and energy stories, especially about place and scale, data visualizations can turn an average story into a standout. Reporter’s Toolbox takes a look at some recent examples of inspiring data-mapping projects that provide insight into everything from auto emissions and floods to vanishing rivers and whipping winds.

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Another Bad-News Year Ahead for U.S. Coal?

As U.S. coal’s comedown continues, our latest Issue Backgrounder takes a close look at the factors behind the industry’s decline and finds a combination of economics, competition and shifting global markets, along with aging technology, politics and environmental pushback. What’s in store for coal in 2020?

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June 14, 2020 to June 17, 2020

33rd International Electric Vehicle Symposium

EVS33 in Portland, Oregon includes a three-day conference program, a trade show, a ride and drive event, and tours of local demonstration projects plus, Forth's annual Roadmap conference is being held as part of EVS33.

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"The ‘Blob’ Is Back: New Marine Heat Wave Emerges Off West Coast"

"A massive marine heat wave that caused record warming of ocean waters off the West Coast five years ago, sending salmon numbers crashing and malnourished sea lions washing up on beaches across California and other Pacific states, is back, scientists said Thursday."

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 09/06/2019

"Proposed Longview Coal Terminal Dealt A Blow By Appeals Court"

"A coal company has been dealt another legal blow in its attempt to build an export terminal on the lower Columbia River. The Washington Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling Tuesday that was being challenged by Millennium Bulk Terminals and Northwest Alloys Inc."

Source: OPB, 08/22/2019


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