"Cement Warms The Planet. This Green Version Just Got A Key Nod Of Approval."

"Companies are finding more environmentally friendly ways to make cement, which accounts for about a twelfth of global carbon dioxide emissions, making it worse for the climate than flying. Now they have to convince builders that their climate-friendly cement will hold just as well as the conventional stuff."

Source: Washington Post, 07/14/2023

EPA Finalizes Rule Furthering 40 Percent Phasedown Of Planet-Warming HFCs

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tuesday took another step toward reducing the use of planet-warming gasses called hydrofluorocarbons, issuing a rule moving toward a 40 percent phasedown of the substances."

Source: The Hill, 07/14/2023

"Birds Get Revenge By Using Anti-Bird Spikes In Nests"

"In cities around the world, anti-bird spikes are used to protect statues and balconies from unwanted birds - but now, it appears the birds are getting their own back. Dutch researchers have found that some birds use the spikes as weapons around their nests - using them to keep pests away in the same way that humans do."

Source: BBC News, 07/13/2023

EPA Proposes Tighter Limits on Lead Dust in Homes and Child Care Facilities

"The Biden administration on Wednesday proposed to strengthen requirements for the removal of lead-based paint dust in homes and child care facilities built before 1978, an effort to eliminate exposure to lead that could require millions of property owners to pay for abatement."

Source: NYTimes, 07/13/2023


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