"Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Omits Big Climate Measures"

"A deal reached Thursday between President Biden and a bipartisan group of senators for $579 billion in new spending to repair the nation’s roads, rails and bridges does relatively little to fight climate change, an issue that the president has called an “existential threat.”"

Source: NYTimes, 06/25/2021

"Army Corps Plans Extensive Review Of Great Lakes Tunnel Plan"

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Wednesday it would conduct an extensive review of Enbridge Energy’s plan to build an oil pipeline tunnel beneath a Great Lakes channel in Michigan, which could significantly delay the project."

Source: AP, 06/24/2021

"Biden and Senators Close In on Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal"

"White House negotiators and a group of senators reached a tentative agreement Wednesday evening on the contours of what would be a bipartisan infrastructure agreement, with lawmakers set to brief President Biden on Thursday as details were filled in."

Source: NYTimes, 06/24/2021

What's The Best Way To Help Climate And People, Too? Home Improvement

"Workmen have invaded Flora Dillard's house on the east side of Cleveland. There's plastic over everything and no place to sit, but Dillard doesn't seem to mind. 'A couple of days of inconvenience is nothing, compared to the results that you get,' she says. She'll benefit, and so might the climate."

Source: NPR, 06/23/2021

Infrastructure: Schumer Vows To Pass Only 'A Strong, Bold Climate Bill'

"Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) vowed he “will not pass” an infrastructure package that removes the climate provisions of President Biden's American Jobs Act."

Source: The Hill, 06/18/2021

Plan To Raze 4 Dams On California-Oregon Line Clears Hurdle

"A proposal to bring down four hydroelectric dams near the California-Oregon border cleared a major regulatory hurdle Thursday, setting the stage for the largest dam demolition project in U.S. history to save imperiled migratory salmon."

Source: AP, 06/18/2021

"Historic Heat Wave Expands Across California, Wildfire Risk Builds"

"The record-breaking heat wave roasting the West is expanding its grip on Thursday, with the focus of the triple-digit heat shifting into California — particularly the Central Valley and desert regions."

Source: Axios, 06/18/2021


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